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Exterior Doors in Chicago: Entry Doors, Patio Doors and Storm Doors

All Chicago homeowners need reliable exterior doors for their home. Whether it’s entry doors, patio doors or storm doors, Feldco has you covered.

Our exterior doors need to be energy efficient, low maintenance and extremely durable. Plus they have to look great!

Learn why Feldco is Chicago’s best exterior door company.

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Energy Efficient Exterior Doors are the Important for Chicago Homes

Chicago homeowners know how crazy the weather can get here. You want a door that’s built specifically for those conditions and will make your home comfortable year round.

Feldco’s exterior doors are all energy efficient. They trap heat or air (depending on the season) in your home and prevent the outside weather from getting in.

Because of this, doors from Feldco will save you money on your energy bills. Your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature.

Types of Doors in Chicago: Entry, Patio and Storm Doors

There are a few different types of exterior doors available at Feldco:

Whether it’s entry doors, patio doors or storm doors, Feldco replacement doors are built specifically for Chicago homeowners.

Entry Doors in Chicago

If you’re looking for an entry door in Chicago, Feldco is the place to go. There are several different styles from which to choose:

No matter what style you choose for your home in Chicago, you’ll love your new entry door from Feldco.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

signet fiberglass entry doorOur signet line of fiberglass entry doors are a beautiful option for any Chicago homeowner. You have many different styles and colors to choose from – including authentic wood door looks like cherry, mahogany and oak.

Fiberglass doors don’t just look good, but they’re energy efficient. They’re foam filled to prevent any of Chicago’s hard weather from getting into your home.

You can’t lose with a new fiberglass entry door from Feldco.

Steel Entry Doors

legacy steel entry doorFeldco’s steel entry doors are the perfect combination of beauty and durability. They offer beautiful wood grains that look like authentic wood.

Also, they’re made from one continuous piece of 20-gauge steel. Also, Feldco’s steel entry doors offer a slot system mechanical interlock which further improves the door’s strength. They hardwood stiles to a polyurethane core too.

Thanks to that polyurethane core, your home is protected from Chicago’s weather. You’ll be comfortable year round thanks to the energy efficient of your heritage entry door.

Feldco offers two styles of steel entry doors: heritage and legacy.

French Entry Doors

french entry doorWhy have one beautiful entry door when you can have two? French entry doors, or double front doors, are two entry doors placed side by side in one door opening.

One awesome feature of French entry doors is that you can choose which direction the doors swing. That way you can get a swinging door no matter how much space you have on inside or outside of your home.

You’re also able to choose whether you want both French entry doors to operate or not. This allows you to customize your swinging doors anyway you’d like depending on the space you have available.

French entry doors are perfect for moving furniture and large objects, such as coaches, tvs and tables, in and out of your home. With two operating doors, you have double the space to pass through.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, French entry doors are the way to go. You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood with beautiful double doors from Feldco. Plus, you have the same customization options as the other entry door styles.

Chicago Patio Doors

Not all exterior doors are for the front of your home. Patio doors are perfect for going out to decks, patios or backyards.

There are a couple of different patio doors available at Feldco:

Both styles of patio doors are beautiful and will tie together any room they’re in.

Sliding Patio Doors

sliding patio doorIf you want to maximize the amount of light coming into your home, you’ll want a sliding patio door from Feldco. Since it’s a large piece of sliding glass, there’s no other option available that will give you more natural light.

Feldco’s sliding patio doors are perfect for Chicago’s crazy weather. The frames are made of energy efficient vinyl while the glass is argon gas filled. Your home will be comfortable year round.

Not only that, but when the weather gets warmer, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool breeze. You have complete control over your home’s air circulation by simply opening and closing your sliding patio door.

Speaking of opening your sliding door, did you know that Feldco’s sliding patio doors are extremely easy to open? With the gentle push of a handle, your patio door slides open on a track. It couldn’t be any easier.

French Patio Doors

french patio doorFrench doors look great anywhere in your home, including as a patio door. You can get 2 or 3-lite units which means you’ll have 2 to 3 swinging doors.

Much like the french entry doors, you can choose the swing direction of your patio door. If you don’t have enough room in a family room or bedroom for a french patio door to swing inwards, you’re able to change the swinging direction to open outwards and vice versa.

Your french patio doors can be made from any of Feldco’s entry door styles – signet, heritage or legacy entry doors. That means you’ll have all of their customization options – including the wood grain finishes.

Replacement french entry doors will tie together any room they’re in as well as your home’s exterior.

If you had anymore questions, check out Feldco’s patio doors brochure.

Storm Doors Chicago

Storm doors are extremely important for Chicago homeowners – they’re the ultimate door protectors. What does that mean?

Storm doors will protect your exterior doors from rain, snow, hail and heavy windows. They’ll also protect your home from Chicago’s harsh temperatures.

Since storm doors are installed on the outside of your entry doors, they act as a barrier between them and the outside world. That means your door is shielded from any precipitation or wind. They don’t call Chicago “the windy city” for nothing.

Also, since it’s an additional layer to your entryway. It works with your entry door to prevent heat from escaping your home. It improves your home’s energy efficiency as well which is crucial in Chicago where the weather can change in a split second.

Why You Need a Storm Door in Chicago

deluxe storm doorThere are many different styles of storm doors available at Feldco. You can get half or full view storm doors . Plus, there are many different colors available.

They’re more customization features for Feldco storm doors. One such feature is a closer. It can be adjusted to change how quickly your storm door closes behind you.

You can also get a kick panel or a bottom sweep on your deluxe storm door. Kick panels are aluminum plates on the bottom of your storm door that add strength to the door. They’re also resistant to rust.

The glass of your deluxe storm door is also removable and can be replaced with a screen. This is perfect for Chicago homeowners. Once winter has ended, you can remove the glass and put in a screen. Then you can enjoy a cool spring breeze.

You can also get a kick panel or a bottom sweep on your deluxe storm door. Kick panels are aluminum plates on the bottom of your storm door that add strength to the door. They’re also resistant to rust.

They’re full view storm doors which means your storm door is one large window sash. Thanks to the larger window opening in your storm door, once your entry door is open, you’ll experience the most natural light.

You also have many glass options from which to choose. From beveled glass to zinc inlays, you can customize the perfect storm door for your home in Chicago.

Retractable Screen Storm Doors

spectrum storm doorFeldco’s retractable sceen storm doors are known for their top and bottom invent™ retractable screens. With these, you’re able to control the air flow in your home with ease.

They’re also very easy to replace. Once the winter comes, you can replace your screens with glass.

Steel Mesh Screen Storm Doors

duraguard storm doorWant to open your doors and enjoy a cool breeze but are afraid your pets or kids are going to damage the screens? Not anymore.

Steel mesh storm doors have heavy-duty .023 stainless steel screens. Your pets won’t be able to scratch or tear them.

Plus, the screen are non-movable. So if your kids lean on them, they won’t fall or tear.

If you plan on changing the sashes of your storm door often, then a steel mesh screen storm door is a great option. They have removable, self-storing sashes that will definitely meet your needs.

Add Built-in-Blinds to Your Chicago Doors

Several of Feldco’s entry, storm and patio door styles have the option of built-in-blinds. That means you won’t have to buy window treatments for your doors – the blinds are installed between the panes of glass. So if you’re looking for exterior doors with blinds in the glass, then you’ve come to the right place.

Glass and Hardware Options for Your Exterior Doors in Chicago

Feldco offers many different glass options for your exterior doors. The decorative glass will improve your home’s curb appeal and add a little privacy to your home. You also won’t be sacrificing and natural light entering your home.

Whether you’re getting a replacement entry door, patio door or storm door, Feldco offers many different hardware options.  Whether its door lockets, kickplates, closers or handles, Feldco has what you’re looking for so you can get exactly what you’re looking for in an exterior door.

Chicago Door Installation

All of these entry doors, patio doors and storm doors are great, but without the proper installation, they won’t be able to do their job. That’s why it’s important to find a great door installation team.

If you want door installers that will come over, quickly and efficient install your storm door and treat your home with care, then Feldco is the door installation company for you. They’ll make sure that when they leave you aren’t just satisfied, you’re delighted.

door installation

Choosing a Chicago Door Company

When looking for a Chicago door company, you want one that focuses on the quality of both their product and their installation. They work hand in hand.

Feldco has been around for over 40 years and has delighted over 350,000 homeowners with our exterior doors and door installation. It’s no wonder we were voted Window and Door Magazine’s Dealer of the Year.

So see what all the fuss is about. Get a free quote from Feldco now for a beautiful exterior door.

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