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Carriage Style Garage Doors

carriage garage doorCarriage style doors were originally intended for people to store their horses and carriages. These doors were made to swing open wide enough so the carriage would fit inside. This is where the name “carriage garage doors” came from.

While some people may think carriage style doors only look good classic and historic homes, they’re actually great for modern and traditional homes as well. Basically, these garage doors will look good on any home.

Our carriage style garage doors offer the traditional looks of carriage house garage doors with added durability. This garage door looks like a carriage style garage door but opens like an overhead. You get all the benefits of a unique style as well as the convenience and beneficial perks of an overhead garage.

This low maintenance garage door is insulated for increased thermal protection and less noise. This garage door is available in several attractive designs with an affordable price.

Features of Feldco Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage House Looks

Improve your home’s curb appeal with the traditional carriage style looks of this garage door. The garage has handles on it, giving off the effect that it swings open. It gives your home a unique and traditional look. At Feldco, we offer several color, panel and window options to choose from to suit your home. Some panel colors include Golden Oak, Almond, Mahogany and Walnut.

carriage garage door and driveway

Less Noise

No one likes a garage door that’s noisy. That’s why Feldco’s foam insulation reduces the noise levels from outside your garage door when it is closed. Additional layers of steel are available for added strength and energy efficiency. Read below to find out the different types of layers we offer.

Garage Door Options

You can choose from a single-layer, double-layer or triple-layer garage door. All of our garage doors are made from steel and are very durable for intense weather conditions. They’re also low maintenance and reliable.


The single-layer garage door is made from heavy-duty exterior steel. The door is durable, reliable and low maintenance.


The double-layer garage door is has the same features as the single-layer door, but also includes a thermal insulation with vinyl backing. This makes the door energy efficient and it operates quietly.


As you can probably guess, the triple layer includes all of the features that the single and double-layer garage doors have. The main difference is that it has an extra steel backing to give your garage door extra energy efficiency and quietness.

Why Steel?

When you live in the Midwest, it’s important that you get a steel garage door. Doors made from wood are not going to survive the intense weather conditions, including rain, hail, snow and strong winds. Your steel door can withstand all of these weather conditions and is the most reliable door you can get.

Garage Door Openers

You have the option to get our Liftmaster Belt and Chain-Driven garage door opener as well. This garage door is extremely reliable, especially during the cold, Midwest winters. The opener has additional options as well, such as a 3 button remote, multi-function control panel, battery back-up and wireless key entry.

Feldco Offers the Best Carriage Style Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a new garage door, a carriage style is a great pick for your home. This style garage will look good on any type of home and will increase your curb appeal. Because Feldco’s garages are made from steel, they’re guaranteed to last and are extremely durable.

Feldco has been helping people with their home improvements projects since 1976. We’ve delighted over 400,000 customers and have expanded to 8 different locations. We cover 4 different states: Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Trust in Feldco to provide you with a long-lasting, durable garage door.

Our product specialists and professional installers will help you each step of the way, from your free quote to installation. We’re here to make the process easy and convenient for you. Start your home improvement project today and get a free quote now!

Available Styles

  • Bead Board
    bead board panel garage door
  • Raised Panel
    raised panel garage door
  • Recessed Panel
    oak summit garage door with recessed panel design
  • Long Bead Board
    long bead board garage door
  • Arched Thames
    arched themes garage door
  • Chalet
    chalet glass garage door
  • Cathedral Glass
    cathedral glass garage door decorative glass
  • Long Panel Prarie
    long panel prairie glass garage door
  • Prarie Obscure
    prarie garage door with privacy glass
  • Stockton Long Panel
    long panel stockton garage door
  • Mission Glass Long Panel
    garage door with mission decorative glass
  • Moonlite Glass
    moonlite garage door glass
  • Heartland
    heartland glass garage door
  • Americana Glass
    oak summit garage door with americana decorative glass
  • Bead Board Glass
    long panel bead board garage door style
  • Bead Board Victorian Glass
    long panel garage door with victorian glass
  • Waterford Glass
    waterford glass on garage door
  • Cascade Glass
    casecade garage door glass
  • Long Panel
    long panel oak summit garage door
  • Jardin Glass
    jardin glass garage door
  • Trellis Glass
    trellis glass design garage door
  • Riviera Glass
    garage door with riviera glass design
  • Sunray Glass
    sunray decorative glass garage door

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