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Find articles and expert advice about home improvement projects, tips and tricks and more.

How to Install a Mailbox on Vinyl Siding

mailbox vinyl siding

Installing a new mailbox is a fairly straightforward and easy-to-do DIY project. Here is the ultimate guide to installing a mailbox on vinyl siding.

How to Change Locks on Exterior Doors

locksmith changing exterior door locks

Changing exterior door locks are done with the right tools. Check out the steps to replacing your old lock and installing a brand new lock right here.

How to Winterize a Sliding Patio Door

winterizing sliding patio door

It all starts with your sliding patio door. Check out ways to winterize your sliding patio door and keep the cost low this winter.

Matching Your Siding With Your Roof

home matching siding and roof colors

Contrasting colors and exact colors are part of the formula to match your siding with your roof. Learn about the importance of matching siding with your roof.

Why Did My Siding Turn Green?

my siding turned green

Has your siding turned green? There are many reasons why your siding turned green and we’re here to help you get it back to its original color.

Fixing Window Discoloration: What You Should Know

window discoloration

How do you fix window discoloration? Here’s how you can get your windows back to looking what they should look like and not a discolored mess.

Storm Doors – What Are They Used For?

what are storm doors used for

What are storm doors really used for? We’ll go over the purpose of having a storm door as well as some of the great features they have to offer.

How to Clean Algae Off Windows

how to clean algae off windows

Algae on windows is a real eyesore and can also be a health hazard. Cleaning algae off windows is easier than you think.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Stay Closed?

garage door won't stay closed

Having trouble keeping your garage door closed? Here are some common reasons why your garage door won’t stay closed and how to fix them.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Garage Conversions

converting garage

Follow this helpful guide to make sure you cover all the aspects of your garage conversion project.

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