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Ice Ice Baby

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Posted by: Installer Dave

The temperatures here in the Midwest are the lowest they’ve been in a couple of years.  As a result, you may be seeing some ice on the inside of your home’s windows.
The glass on your windows has a lower temperature than other surfaces in your home, as glass is a good conductor.  The warm air inside your home contains more moisture, which results in condensation.  Since the windows are so much colder now than normal, the moisture typically associated with condensation is drawn to cold surfaces then freezes on that glass.  This is especially true of older, single pane windows.
Newer double pane windows, with an argon gas fill and LowE coating can greatly reduce the cold air being transferred into your home, thereby reducing the potential for ice build-up on these extremely cold days.  The technology available with today’s energy efficient windows not only helps with ice issues, but can protect your home from UV rays that fade floors, window treatments, furniture and upholstery.
If you have an older home with storm windows, make sure those are closed tight.  The goal is to stop the cold air from getting inside your home as best as possible.
You could also reduce your home’s relative humidity by turning down the humidifier on your furnace.  Most humidifiers nowadays have settings to remind you to what level it should be set based on the outside temperature.
Hope these tips help, so the only ice you see in your home remains in the freezer.
Stay warm,

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2 Responses to Ice Ice Baby

  1. Debi Holton says:

    Is it normal for Feldco replacement windows to have a layer of ice on the glass AND vinyl AND wood trim around the windows in near Zero temps? There is condensation around our older windows and new (June 2013) Feldco have ice. Please advice if we should be concerned. Thanks!

    • Feldco Dave says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Debi. It is definitely possible to have some ice appear on these parts of the windows, especially with the recent drops in temperature. The relative humidity of the home is probably still quite high, and the excess moisture could ice up. If you would like us to send a service specialist out to your home to take a relative humidity reading and re-inspect the windows, we would be happy to.